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Central Minnesota Christian School is an accredited 4k-12 school that provides a quality Christian education.  Our rigorous and relevant curriculum equips our students for a lifetime of service to God's Kingdom.  We offer a variety of opportunities in academics and in co-curricular activities within a Christ-centered environment.  We are blessed in that over 99% of our high school students have graduated, and of those nearly 95% of our students pursue a post-secondary education.

Every school is based upon a specific system of belief, whether it is governed and guided by the government, a private Board or society, or a church or denomination.  Central Minnesota Christian School is no exception.  We are based upon an understanding of God and His world, which in turn gives shape to the purpose of our school.


Central Minnesota Christian School strives to be a place where students

  1. Develop and grow in their relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  2. Learn to discern God's will for their lives.
  3. Discover their God-given talents and learn to use them for the benefit of His Kingdom.
  4. Love, encourage and accept one another with the attitude of a servant.
  5. View the universe as being created and sustained by a loving God and worship Him accordingly.
  6. Acquire a life-long passion for learning more about God's Word and God's world.
  7. Use the instruction, resources, and technology available to achieve the highest standards of excellence in education.

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