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Rasha’s story of hope

Fearing for her life, Rasha fled her home country of Syria after experiencing torture at the hands of an oppressive government. After settling into her new home in the Twin Cities, Rasha came to CVT to begin her healing journey with a renewed sense of hope for the future. She connected with her social worker and therapist, finally able to trust other people again. She was slowly starting to find the strength within herself to know that her past trauma does not define her future. 

But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Rasha was all of a sudden isolated. She started having nightmares of her torture, and they kept getting worse. And, she began to relive her torture, having flashbacks to being imprisoned.  

Knowing that Rasha was hurting, her CVT therapist began to call more often than usual to check in on her. While her therapist can not bring an end to the isolation, she is able to offer tools to cope, and a loving ear to listen. Her therapist helps calm Rasha’s fears, and is an important connection for her at a time when she has no one else to lean on. 

Finding healing during Coronavirus

For more than 30 years, caring support from people like you has helped Rasha and others like her recover from their wounds, rebuild their lives and rediscover hope for the future.

In response to the pandemic, CVT has been able to provide clients with the technology needed to continue their therapy sessions virtually, which has proven to be a successful alternative to meeting in-person. At the end of her first teletherapy session, Rasha said to her therapist: "CVT is my favorite appointment every week. I feel more at peace after each session, like I can breathe a little easier. I'm so happy we can still do these sessions virtually - it still feels like 'coming to CVT.'"

You are a welcoming light for survivors of torture

It will take $4.6 million in the coming year to say yes to tens of thousands of survivors around the world waiting for or already receiving care from CVT. We invite you to support CVT’s work of hope and healing, and to be a beacon of light during these unprecedented times. Your support will help fully fund our mission, while also paying for additional expenses incurred because of COVID-19, which include technology and essential items such as food for clients.

Survivors who find CVT find healing. We don’t do this work alone. We do this because of compassionate friends like you. We will continue to say yes to many women, children, men, people just like Rasha, thanks to your support.  

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