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Blaise’s story of hope

Blaise stood up for what's right...and was tortured.  While working in the Congo Blaise uncovered corruption in his company and knew he had to say something. But the people he exposed didn't like it - they hurt Blaise. When Blaise told us about his torture he said, "It was awful. It was bad. It was evil. It was somethings which you don't want to know." 

The threats continued and Blaise knew what he had to do. He fled to save his life. 

Within days he had made his way to Minnesota  Landing in a place completely unfamiliar to him.  Blaise said, "I didn't feel I was worth anymore." Struggling with depression and PTSD, Blaise got connected to the Center for Victims of Torture.

At CVT we supported Blaise on his healing journey. He received the medications and food he needed. CVT therapists supported his asylum case. And therapists worked with Blaise to process his trauma and heal. 

Blaise says it best, "They start healing your mind and start healing your body by giving you those basic needs. And what to me was more important was especially the mind. Whatever I was struggling with in my mind...someone knows what you're struggling with and starts dealing with it. So my sense of becoming a human starts coming."

Moving forward from the pandemic

This year, with your partnership, we will continue to provide vital healing care to 30,000 survivors and their family members just like Blaise, so they can overcome the debilitating trauma of torture. The pandemic shifted how we provided services, but it didn't slow us down. In 2021 we have powerful goals to continue to build hope, healing and human rights with resilient survivors around the world:

  • Advocating for an end to the barbaric policies of the Trump Administration that put so many survivors of torture at risk of contracting COVID-19, separation from their loved ones, kidnapping and death. We'll advocate for, instead, a humane, trauma-informed system in the U.S. that provides safety, healing and a new start for survivors of torture.
  • Continuing work with legal advocates at our Southern Border, who have suffered significant secondary trauma and stress as they continue to help asylum seekers punished by the Trump Administration.
  • Expanding services across the Middle East, specifically in Jordan, Northern Iraq and Syria.
  • Continuing to innovate services to expand access to our care even after the pandemic ends, including virtual engagement and coordination for basic necessities.

You are a welcoming light for survivors of torture

In Minnesota it takes $10,000 a year to provide a truly holistic healing care for survivors of torture. $10,000 to journey with a survivor on their healing journey, as they get their first job in their new home, learn English, win their asylum case, and reunite with their family. You and I can walk with a survivor every step of the way. Thank you for making it possible for CVT to say yes to many women, children, men, people just like Blaise.

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