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The Center of Addiction & Faith works to awaken faith communities to be more fully places of welcome and healing for persons with addiction and those who love them. 

We are a cross-cultural, inter-faith network sought out and supported by faith communities, mental health and addiction experts, religiously-inclined people who seek recovery from addiction, and change agents, including legislators and philanthropists. Our vision is a world of human and institutional flourishing that inches closer toward grace and community, away from the brokenness and isolation imposed by addiction and exacerbated by uninformed theology and scapegoat politics. In other words, our vision is: Faith, Science, Justice, Compassion. 

Our faith communities are reinvigorated with leadership and lay people knowledgeable about the scientific, secular word as well as the transformative grace that is professed from sanctuaries. The Church, especially, is restored in some of its cultural leadership authentically returning to its roots as havens for the broken and the “in progress.” 

Mental health professionals, whose scientific expertise is newly inspired by collaboration with our key audiences and no longer held back because of financial hurdles, are able to share their expertise to a wider audience, prepared to help. 

Those bound to brokenness are no longer shamed and imprisoned entities, unknown except notoriously, to legislators and other community leaders. The work of our communities heals and reconciles us, one to the other. 

Our donors, volunteers, paid workers and supporters appreciate the value that healing has on families, communities and the world enough to contribute to it with their time, talent and money. 

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