Center for Victims of Torture

Give a Gift of Hope

Your support is a gift of hope for survivors of torture like David. David had a good life in his twenties. He had a job, a loving wife and he was in law school.  While studying in his second year, he became aware that tensions were rising politically in his country.

He knew he had to speak out against his government. When he did it led to his arrest. He was locked up and tortured. He knew he had to leave or he might be killed. He fled to the U.S. and ended up in Minnesota. Here, through another torture survivor, he found CVT.

Because of the torture, he fully believed he would never amount to anything. That seed was planted in him after his torture experience.

“When I went to CVT, then I understood that I do not have the capacity to carry the weight of the past. Today, my life is different: I have a change in perspective, my trust level is high, and I enjoy safety and calm. I graduated with a Master’s degree and have a challenging job in a high tech field." 

Please help others like David heal and regain their lives by giving today. Please know that we are deeply grateful to receive whatever level of support you can provide. 

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