Center for Service Learning and Social Change

A nonprofit organization

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empowers and inspires people of diverse backgrounds, primarily youth, to be proactive agents of change in their communities and in the world

Our view of how best to promote communities in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive:

We believe in the importance of intentionally developing community among youth and adults concerned about the well-being of their community, by helping them connect with:

others who share their concerns
resources that support their ability to learn about and respond to their concerns

Our view of youth, adults, and civic engagement:

We view youth as well as adults as essential and dynamic resources to their communities.

We believe that core capacities that youth and adults bring to active citizenship are abilities to:

_envision a world that is more life-giving and just, not merely to accept the world they live in,
recognize and confront suffering and injustice in strategically effective ways
contribute to creating a more life-giving and just society.
Our view of how to work with youth and adults to empower them to change their lives:

We believe our methods of engagement are peaceful, non-judgmental and thought-provoking

We offer youth and adults a safe space within which to meet their basic development needs (Konopka, 1973) through programs that

_engage in sustained efforts over time,
actively engage participants in their own learning and development
_emerge from the goals and objectives of the participants themselves.

Our view of the ethos of the Center:

We believe in working for systemic change, while also recognizing the importance of charitable volunteerism in helping others learn about suffering and injustice.

We believe that systemic change is a process that takes time.

We pursue strategies that build bridges, and find common ground; and we seek to sculpt common ground where none yet exists.

We believe that spirituality can be a source of energy and guidance in the work of civic engagement.

We believe the work of the Center should be life-giving and joyful.

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Center for Service Learning and Social Change

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