Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance

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Our commitment is to social justice defined as:

1) No disparity of access, participation and results based on classification,

2) Relationships between organizations and those they serve that are mutually respectful and accountable, and 

3) No physical, verbal or systemic violence in our homes, workplaces, communities or government. 

We build the capacity of nonprofit organizations and their leaders, assist government in public participation and accountability, and provide restorative dialogue and conflict resolution.

We believe that effective nonprofit and government organizations are essential to the success of our democracy and our civilization. We also believe that cultural competence and respectful engagement are key to creating and sustaining a just, peaceful, and multi-cultural society. We work locally (MN), nationally (USA and Canada), and internationally.

We commit to address organizational or public policy questions, planning and engagement processes, performance accountability, and progress evaluation from a systems analysis. We have served over 250 organizations in the past 15 years with strategic planning, board development, cultural competence, mediation, large group/public participation, assessment, and restorative justice/mediation services.

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Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance

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