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Your 2020 Give to the Max Donations Will Directly Support Beat the Odds Scholars!

Each year, Children's Defense Fund-Minnesota (CDF-MN) honors high school seniors who are facing extraordinary challenges and are beating the odds stacked against them to succeed in their schools and communities.  They will become our future doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, and more.  Your donations on this Give to the Max Day will help our Beat the Odds scholars to be supplied with the essentials - from laptop computers to hygiene supplies - that they need to be successful as they pursue their college education.  

Your Support Makes a Difference for All MN Children!

“We know that children don’t come in pieces, and that we must work together to ensure that children have the comprehensive support that they need to thrive.”  Marian Wright Edelman, Founder of Children’s Defense Fund.

To achieve our goal of improving outcomes for Minnesota children, CDF-MN interweaves research, outreach, community organizing, advocacy, policy work, and youth development programming into a seamless fabric.   Investments in children and youth come back to us many-fold.  By ensuring that young people get a great start in life, they are more likely to grow up healthy and become contributing adults. Your support will help CDF-MN to advocate, organize, educate and amplify the voices of the community. 

Your Donations are More Important than Ever!

 This year, our communities face the twin crisis of the COVID-19 represents a public health crisis but it is also a financial crisis, an education crisis and a mental health crisis.  Furthermore, we recognize that the pandemic is exacerbating existing inequities and structural racism in our communities. 

With your support, here are some of the ways CDF-MN is supporting all MN children and families during the pandemic:

  • CDF-MN's Bridge to Benefits free online tool helps Minnesotans screen their eligibility for a wide array of public support programs including health, nutrition, and financial resources. 
  • CDF-MN Freedom School sites and schools are supporting distance learning and providing enrichment support.  Inequities in our community make distance learning difficult for many and we are working with partners to fill the critical needs for technology tools and to creatively reach all children and families.
  • CDF-MN's Voter Guide provided questions for  ask candidates about what strategies they are proposing to expand access to opportunity and reduce our racial disparities during and beyond COVID?  Once the election results are in, CDF-MN will continue to be engaged with the winners to advocate on behalf of MN children and families.

CDF-MN is committed to supporting all Minnesota children to thrive and be able to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.  

We hope you will join us!

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