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CATA: Anyi Literacy, Translation, & Training, a Minnesota nonprofit since 2018, raises funds for educational programs for the Anyi people of the Ivory Coast, which has grown to consist of three main components--Bible translation, literacy development, and Christian discipleship training. To learn more about this dynamic and growing ministry, go to our video library HERE. 

The Goal: $30,000! 

Your donation dollars will support things like: 

  1. A Box of 500 Workbooks costs about $500   About 4000 adult learners are learning to read and write every year in more than 65 rural villages in the Ivory Coast. They do not have the money to purchase the books they need so we supply them. Education in the Ivory Coast is not available to everyone. Now, through CATA, they are becoming literate in their own language, Anyi.
  2. Small Motorcycles cost about $1500 each We need to purchase about 2-3 of these every year to provide transportation for our program coordinators who travel in rugged terrain between villages to oversee the literacy classes. 
  3. Stipend for a Teacher Costs about $500/year Because these literacy programs are located in the rural areas of the Ivory Coast, which is a developing nation, many of our teachers are also farmers. In order to keep them in the classroom teaching, we provide a stipend to supplement their income. We have about 100 teachers.
  4. CATA-Ivory Coast Training Center Operations   Our training center, located near Bongouanou, the county seat, provides a place for teachers, church leaders, and other community leaders to come for seminars to advance their knowledge and skills in teaching. We also provide Christian Discipleship Training, something not usually available in this area. Our grounds keeper and his family live on site, and he maintains the area keeping it clean and safe for those who come for teaching and events throughout the year. Additionally, someone takes care of the sheep, goats, and chicken that we are raising on our property to feed people when they come for training. 
  5. Radio Ministry Daily devotionals are broadcast to a listening audience of about 500,000 Anyi people to help them grow in their faith.
  6. CATA Pavilion and ClassroomFuture Anyi Bible Institute  Christian church leaders in the rural areas of the Ivory Coast have very little access to ongoing training. Our CATA Center is uniquely situated to fill this need--with your help. Our dream is to build a space where about 50 people could come for a 2-week training at various times throughout the year to engage in workshops. Currently, we can provide space for about 22 people, but with limited funding, our seminars are limited. A generous donor has given CATA $10,000 in seed money to build on to our existing structures and we have continued to raise money to raise the walls. We are so close to being able to begin this phase of our ministry. CATA Ivory Coast has also hired a person to do this work on a very part time basis, but we hope to move him into a full time position as soon as we are in a position to do so! 
  7. Three major geographical areas These are similar to what we would call counties. They are located in the Central Eastern region of the Ivory Coast in West Africa, Mbatto, Bongouanou, and Arrah. There are nearly 1 million people who speak Anyi and our literacy classes are in nearly 100 villages. We get requests to start programs in other villages every year, but before we can say YES, we need to make sure we have adequate funding. Your giving is what makes the difference every year!  

In 2017, the New Testament was completed and dedicated to the Christian communities in the same areas where our literacy programs are active. During service trips, we have also led a basketball camp, tutored high school students as they practiced for English language exams, help to build buildings and paint a pavilion at the CATA Center.  Go to for more information about our programs and how you can partner with us to further this work. 

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