Cat Tales

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"Every cat has a story to tell, it is up to us to help them live it."

Cat Tales was started in 2005 but a Veterinary Technician to do Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to help get to the root of the cat overpopulation problem. The early focus was on feral cats in trailer parks. Feral cats are cats that have never had any human interaction and behave like wild animals by preferring not to interact with people. These cats were spayed and neutered and vaccinated and returned to the trailer parks where they had people who were caretakers for them. This allowed the cats to live healthier lives while not adding to the feline overpopulation program.

Since then Cat Tales has expanded into taking in and adopting out friendly cats and kittens. We have several committed foster homes that give their all to finding the best furever homes for the cats and kittens in their care.

We still do TNR for the feral cats that cannot be adopted into home settings. If the environment the feral cats are living in is unsafe we can relocate them to willing barn homes. We believe in helping every cat we can! 

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