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At the Clean River Partners, we make Clean Water Happen!

Why We Do This: We believe that everyone should be able to swim and fish in healthy rivers and lakes and drink clean water from our wells.

How We Do This: At Clean River Partners (formerly named Cannon River Watershed Partnership), we believe in community-based problem solving solutions, so we get citizens, government staff, scientists, and business owners into the room to create, evaluate, and implement clean water solutions that serve everyone's needs.

What We Do:

We Make Clean Water Happen!

  • We coordinate a Cannon River Watershed-Wide CleanUP in 8 communities. In 2021, this CleanUP attracted over 200 volunteers who cleaned up over 8,500 pounds of litter. 
  • We stop raw sewage from entering rivers and lake by helping communities install effective wastewater systems
  • We work with farmers and rural landowners to help them use cover crops, perennial crops, and no-till farming practices to run more profitable farms while also protecting our rivers, lakes, and drinking water from pollution.
  • We encourage landowners to plant deep-rooted native grasses and flowers on lawns, river banks and lake shores.
  • We educate city residents about how they can help keep rivers and lakes clean by keeping grass, leaves, and fertilizer off of the pavement, where it can wash into stormdrains. 
  • We inspire residents to take action for cleaner water by talking about water issues with government staff and elected officials.

By supporting the Clean River Partners, You Make Clean Water Happen!

Learn more about Clean River Partners and what people in the watershed are doing for clean water by visiting our website at or by following us on Facebook at Clean River Partners or on Twitter @Clean River Partners.

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