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Canine Inspired Change connects and empowers vulnerable youth through the healing power of dogs.

Canine Inspired Change (CIC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving vulnerable youth the social-emotional tools they need to be active participants in their schools—and their communities. Our work helps these remarkable young people transcend trauma, social struggles and isolation by sparking meaningful connections with dogs, volunteers—and each other.

Our community partners include elementary, secondary, and high schools in the Twin Cities (emotional behavioral disabled youth; trauma survivors).  

We happily serve people overcoming any kind of life challenge, and we know the healing and loving power that working with dogs brings our participants. 

Testimonials - 

Animal-assisted therapies like CIC have been proven to promote competence and expand impulse control, heighten the capacity for love and empathy, and facilitate trust and understanding. Studies show that the presence of an animal can lower anxiety, motivate therapy participation, increase prosocial behaviors, increase sense of comfort and safety, and cultivate self-awareness in nonverbal or socially isolated children. 

Participants from Canine Inspired Change have self- reported an increase in trust when interacting with others, an increase in self-esteem, and an improvement in emotional regulation.  Each group of 8-12 week sessions has proven to display an improvement in one or more areas of social/emotional growth, as identified from pre and post-tests completed by participants. 

Healthy relationships are the foundation for a healthy community—and CIC is dedicated to giving youth the tools they need to be active participants in their community by delivering transformative moments between dogs and youth. Our custom programs are designed to nurture their confidence and self-worth—because healthier kids mean healthier communities.

Our participants say:

"The dogs just make me want to be a better kid"

"The dogs have shown me how teamwork works”  -age 8

“This helps me build trust”  -age 18

“This can show me how to handle things. The dogs make me feel happy when I am angry”  –age 14

“I learned to just take a break sometimes and be happy”  -age 10

“ I learned about being good to others”  -age 9

   Canine Inspired Change gives vulnerable youth transformative opportunities to connect, achieve and belong, powered by the openness and immediacy of a dog’s unconditional love.

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