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With your support, UDR will continue its mission – to rescue and re-home abandoned, neglected and abused animals in need.


We believe that the need to rescue exists not only on a local basis, but more broadly across the United States. Our goal is to help Dobermans, doberman mixes and even other breeds (as requested) locally in Minnesota, and also in extended geographies where local groups may not be able to help. Since the creation of our adoption program in December 2016, we have taken in dogs from 24 states and even internationally from 3 other countries.

The Doberman can be a very misunderstood breed, so we also strive to provide breed education to the public by participating in community events and meet & greets with our adoptable dogs and breed ambassadors (many of which are adopted rescues themselves) to show how wonderful and people-loving the Doberman breed truly is.

We also take in and assist with non-Doberman breeds as well, hence the Canine Castaways in our name.

We are non-profit rescue that is 100% volunteer based and with a home-based foster program, meaning we do not have a shelter, and our rescued dogs live with families, learning and being loved as one of our own dogs, until they are adopted. Potential adopters are carefully screened through application and home visits to ensure our dogs end up in loving homes.  

All dogs are fully vetted, altered, placed on monthly preventatives, and micro-chipped prior to adoption.  As you can imagine, the cost to rescue, care for and rehabilitate dogs can be very costly.   Last month alone we had over $11,400 in vetting expenses. Our dog expenses average is over $4,100 each month - a record high!


We have already surpassed this year the total number of dogs we took in all last year, and we are at 72 adoptions and 79 new intakes so far in 2023. Of course, more dogs bring more expenses.  Despite many dogs being unvetted or needing specialty care, we will take them in without hesitation. No matter the amount of their vet bills, our adoption fee for them does not change.   

A couple of extraordinarily special dogs who truly touched our hearts this past year include:

7 month old pup Tinsley quickly found a home after she was surrendered for "being too stupid". Her previous owner beat her so badly she was partially blind in one eye and had many healed cuts and scars. Tinsley will never know such harsh treatment again!
We saved senior bonded pair Rhett and Vandel from a shelter in Missouri. Just 1 week after arrival, we discovered Rhett had inoperable lymphoma cancer nearly everywhere in his body. As we commit fully to every dog we save, Rhett lived his final days (just 2 months) in comfort, being loved, spoiled, and having his best buddy Vandel always at his side while in hospice care.  After Rhett's pacing, Vandel found herself a loving home at 11 years old.

Your donation today helps us give rescue dogs high quality care and a promise of better days to come.


We are fortunate to be able to coordinate with other groups and rescues to give a little help to dogs in need whether they are near or far.  One such example from this year came from Louisiana, where we took in 5 dogs after their human dad was sadly killed in a motorcycle crash. Over $2,000 was spent to get them up to date on vet care need and treat Riley's (pictured) heartworms.


Athena arrived to our rescue last month and just 2 days later gave birth to two beautiful pups - a red and black little girls. Sadly Momma Athena fell horribly ill and developed pneumonia to the extent she had to be transferred to emergency critical care. She thankfully pulled through, but it left her pups motherless at just 8 days old since her milk dried up from illness. The pups immediately needed bottles, formula, heating pads, and other supplies for their round-the-clock care. A few days later the little black pup also fell ill and was in the ICU for days. She thankfully has also survived despite being under 2 weeks old.  Over $11,400 has been spent already on this family's vet bills, emergency oxygen, antibiotics, and needed supplies. Your donation today ensures we can do EVERYTHING possible to save these dogs - take a look at this sweet family - they are worth it!




Your donations help heal our program dogs inside and out! 

Hanzel the lab mix arrived oh so skinny and afraid of the world. We enrolled Hanzel in doggy daycare to boost his confidence, and he blossomed to health and good spirits. 

Charlie the Doberman was rescued with a horrific wound from a collar that had grown into his neck. Today Charlie is happy, healthy and looking for his Furever home!

Check out their Before & Afters!


 Donations like yours make it possible for the 450+ dogs we have successfully placed to have long, happy, fulfilled lives with loving adopters.  THANK YOU for your life-changing donation!

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