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Camp Cherith is a Christian camp committed to teaching kids how to make Christ real in every phase of their lives.

Camp Cherith remains committed to providing a quality, affordable camp experience for kids. Your gifts on Give to The Max Day will help us expand our wood working program and improve camp facilities.  Plans are underway for a building project that will house our wood working program which currently shares space with our craft program.  This new building will allow us to store wood working equipment which we currently don't have space to store year round.  More importantly, it will also allow us to expand wood working as a regular activity choice offered during our weeks of girl's camp (currently it is only offered boy's weeks).  Thank you for helping us with this exciting project.


We are in need of people who desire to serve God with their time and talent.  We would love to talk with you about opportunities to serve at camp or on various planning committees and projects during the non-camp season.  Camp is made possible by the generosity of donors like you, who are willing to partner with us as we advance God's kingdom. Please prayerfully consider a one time donation or becoming a monthly donor.


The mission of Camp Cherith is to help children and youth put Christ in every phase of life, to form healthy relationships, and to develop positive feelings about themselves.  Camp Cherith also assists adults in understanding children and their development in order to be able to minister more effectively to them.


Camp Cherith believes strongly in conducting separate camping weeks for girls and boys.  Without the social pressure of the co-ed dynamic, boys and girls are much more willing to take healthy risks and try new things.  Our campers routinely surprise themselves with their capacity to take on leadership roles, share vulnerabilities, encourage others, and participate in challenging activities.

Cherith offers a multi-age camp each week, which brings forth leadership experiences.  This also offers families the convenience of being able to send same gender siblings to camp together.  All campers are grouped according to age with a counselor. 

Our facilities are also available to rent for other camps/church groups during the non-camp season.  

What Campers Are Saying

- "Woodworking has a way of showing how hard work and dedication can turn into something worth being proud of.  It has taught me to persevere and to keep working at something. It has shown me that with work I can fix mistakes, but also that not everything needs to be fixed.  Woodworking has taught me that every mistake is a lesson to be learned from, and because of this every new project shows improvement.  Woodworking teaches life values and and the finished product reminds us how far we have gotten." Camper

- "Camp Cherith is the place where I fell in love with Jesus and continue to more and more every year. Being up at camp is more than just going to camp. It means forming friendships that have Christ at the base, growing in my faith and learning how to truly be a genuine Christian." Camper

- "One of the best parts about camp is that you form bonds with your cabin mates that are like sibling bonds. Camp is really just a stronghold for the Lord full of Godly people that love you." Camper

- "Camp has always been a place for me to be myself. Outside of camp I have always been scared of being judged by others as different, uncool, or strange, but when I'm up at camp I don't feel like I'm being judged, or picked out of the crowd. I get to be me, and it's an amazing feeling to be able to worship and praise God for the things he does, and not be pointed out as the girl who's different. I also get to freely express myself in things I love, and find new things I enjoy." Camper

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