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"In the summer of 2008 my buddy Andrew and I were  standing on the deck at Camp Joy and watching the Sun set on another successful day of staff training.
Andrew was visiting camp for a couple days before he shipped off to the Air Force Academy to fulfill a sense of purpose and calling he had on his life. And as we sat and watched the sun set we started talking about the amazing times we had together and how it all started those four summers ago. We talked about funny stories we remembered, inside jokes we had shared, stupid things we had done. But as the night wore on, we started to talk about the deeper side of camp, the amazing testimonies we heard, the lifelong friendships we made, and we came to the conclusion that God had blessed us by allowing us to spend our formative summer years here at Camp Joy. We both “grew up” at Camp. We both had the ability to disciple, nurture, and encourage children younger than us in their faith. Camp was a huge part of our lives, and still is today. It was at Camp that I met Andrew, who a couple years later would serve as my Best Man in my wedding to the girl whom I met raking leaves in front of the speakers cabin at Camp Joy in the summer of 2004. In fact, three of my groomsmen were guys I met while serving at camp. I have the privilege of being the god father to the daughter of two of our close camp friends. Not a week goes by where I don’t have a meaningful conversation with somebody from camp. Some of my closest friends were themselves campers that I got to see grow up in to fine young Christian men and women. We left behind a legacy at camp and I count it a blessing to be a part of that legacy.
Growing up, my family did not have a lot of money for extra things like camp. One of the blessings of Camp Joy to my family was that it was affordable to send both my sister and I for one week every summer. If we want to see children’s lives changed we have to do our part to keep camp affordable! Camp Joy depends on the donations from you and me to keep going year after year, to provide a safe place for kids to get away from their [Instagram], [TikTok], texting, and other distractions for a brief period of time for a chance to have an encounter with the living God who has touched so many of our lives. We owe to ourselves, and to God to be a part of the continued legacy that is Camp Joy. If Camp has touched your life in any way, I would ask you to consider donating, whether that is $10, or even $100 or more. Any amount will go a long way to making sure that Camp can stay affordable for kids like me growing up." -Jaime Boehmer, Summer Missionary 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009

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