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Leveraging organizational collaboration to empower Cambodians toward self-sufficiency and creation of healthy, vibrant communities.

CDF works to create networking and organizational collaboration among US based community resources and expertise in order to address the needs of Cambodian communities. Through networking and linkages, a strong foundation for grassroots development is created as individuals and organizations become increasingly committed to specific Cambodian communities. CDFÕs ability to match culturally appropriate and skilled individuals with the needs of targeted areas in Cambodia is unique. Thus CDF seeks to build an endowment fund for furthering their goal of assisting the advancement of disadvantaged Cambodians through provision of public education and capacity building among women. Lar Mundstock* has taken on this new role of facilitating the advancement of CDFÕs endowment fund. Having extensive experience in the nonprofit sector as prior executive director of the United Cambodian Association of Minnesota (UCAM), and founder and president of the Khmer WomenÕs Alliance Foundation (KWAF) in 2000, she has also spent considerable time in Cambodia conducting needs assessment and examining potential solutions. In an effort to pool resources and expertise, KWAF has merged with Virginia-based Cambodian Children Association, Inc. (CCAI) led by Sharon Young, in order to form the Cambodian Development Foundation (CDF) in 2006 with its headquarters in Washington D.C. Recently, the CDF board made a resolution to open an additional office in Minnesota to unite Cambodian people and friends to actively work toward its mission. Purposes: Build up the endowment fund and assist in the advancement of the people. Mission: Network with others to support Cambodian people to become good citizens and enable them to help their family, their community and nation and to assist in the redevelopment of Cambodia. CDF seeks to unite friends of Cambodia and Cambodians through the creation of programs directly empowering Cambodians toward self-sufficiency and developing healthy and vibrant local communities. When you join with us you are directly offering your helping hand to Cambodians who were traumatized by severe ravages of wars and lost self-confidence through kleptocracy**. They wish to do the hard work of redeveloping their communities but lack even basic resources. The good you do will reverberate through the generations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Lar Mundstock: With her husband, E. James MundstockÕs support of $10,000 KWAF was able to establish an endowment fund with the Saint Paul Foundation in year 2000 ** Ref: The Global Witnesses report on February 2009

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