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Save a life from Ebola in Liberia by giving money to buy urgently needed supplies

Please watch Pastor Ben's testimony for his heart-warming plea.

Story Featured in: Front page of the Red Wing Republican Eagle, KTCTV in Rochester MN, Calvary Chapel St. Paul online radio (60 min), Calvary Chapel Fargo online radio (30 min)

Liberty Conference Ministry is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Red Wing church in partnership with 4 other Evangelical Churches from around the country (listed below). We conducted our first Liberty Pastors Conference in March of 2014 with 207 Pastors and ministry leaders from 78 different churches and ministry in attendance.

However, right now the country is facing the most devastating ebola epidemic the world has ever seen. Calvary Chapel Red Wing and our partners above are wanting to send help with "Help Save A Life From Ebola Project."  We are raising funds to help save a life, one person at a time. Below you will find the list of things we have been requested to help with to save one life at a time.

"Help Save A Life From Ebola Project" was formed help raise funds to send to Liberia to organizations and individuals we are working with on the ground who will purchase the needed items to help save one-life-at-a-time from this deadly ebola virus that is sweeping the country and the West African region as a whole. 

The situation is worse than some of what the news media has said so far!  We get calls daily of the deplorable conditions the country is facing. Women are delivering babies on the streets because the Hospitals and clinics are closed.  People are in fear because they could have a simple thing like malaria and be considered EBOLA PATIENTS and be put in the Isolation compound and may be contaminated and die. So even if they are sick with malaria, they won't go for treatment for the fear of being considered ebola patient so they are dying from this simple illness.  

The price of food has sky rocketed and many cannot afford to buy simple hygiene supplies that will keep them safe.  Your donations will realistically HELP SAVE LIVES! This is what people have called asking us to help supply with your help!  Donations in any amount will help.  If everyone can do something small, it will become a larger amount and TOGETHER, WE CAN SAVE SOME LIVES IF WE EACH HELP. Would you, your organization, club, school, church, small group, or any individual you know that can help, help us Safe A Life From Ebola"?

Here is what your money helps purchase:

1) ) Examination Gloves  -- to use in checking patients

2) Buckets: The most needed in the whole country for everyone but they can't afford it. The government is asking everyone to have washing bucket to keep people from contracting the ebola from infected patients. It's $20 per bucket.

3) Clorox-- Bleach used in buckets for bath (a set amount to not harm) Delta medical liquid used for bathing to kill germs and help in protecting people from the ebola virus.

4) Sanitizer Wipe--- For daily cleaning

5) Disposable Surgical Gowns-- We have Liberian nurses right now that are putting their lives at risk in delivering babies with absolutely nothing for their own protection. Please help!  

6) Hand Sanitizers

7) Splash Shield --- In case of patient sneezing on nurses who are still risking their lives to help safe others

8) Shoes Covers--- As needed  

9) Obstetric Gynecology Gloves-- For helping with baby delivery 

10) Personal Protective Equipment

Evangelical churches partnering to minister with Calvary Chapel Red Wing: Vietnamese Evangelical Church of North Carolina, Common Ground Church in Lake Elmo, MN, Oakridge Community Church in Stillwater, MN, Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, CO

Meet Pastor Ben Kangar, of Calvary Chapel Red Wing, Minnesota. Raising funds for a cause that hits close to home.

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