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Thank you for standing alongside us as we endeavor to create a brighter and more inclusive world for all. Together, we are making a positive impact, and your support makes all the difference.

Discover More About CAIR-MN:

CAIR-MN stands firmly committed to its mission, which includes enhancing the understanding of Islam, fostering dialogue, safeguarding civil liberties, empowering American Muslims, and forging alliances that promote justice and mutual understanding

Our goals are clear and resolute:

Rights Advocacy: We aim to be the foremost civil rights advocacy and legal services organization for Muslims in Minnesota, tirelessly working to combat racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination and injustice.

Media Representation: We strive for a fair, balanced, and accurate portrayal of Islam and Muslims in Minnesota's media landscape.

Education Hub: CAIR-MN aspires to become the primary and trusted resource for education on diversity issues concerning Muslims, fostering understanding and acceptance.

Community Mobilization: We are dedicated to mobilizing communities and leaders to effect systemic change, creating a more just and inclusive society.

Organizational Growth: To sustain our mission and support our growth, we continually build the necessary organizational infrastructure and human capital.

Reasons to Give to CAIR-MN:

-> Minnesota recorded 9 major attacks as of November 2022, and 6 major attacks as of October 2023 the largest number in the state’s history and the nation.

->  75% of East African Immigrants in Minnesota are in poverty

-> This community records the worst achievement gap in the State and the lowest homeownership in the State (4%)

-> Police and FBI abuses continue to harass the population

Did you know? Of the 1,590 reported hate crimes related to religion, nearly 10% were anti-Islamic. (Source:

We need to actively work against racism, hate, and islamophobia. CAIR-MN is the largest organization in Minnesota that addresses these issues and works against islamophobia, educates the community with award-winning Inclusion and Diversity trainings, works with community-based solutions to close the achievement gap, addresses inequities in housing, provides free legal services, legal clinics, transforming public and federal safety and advocating against Police and FBI abuses, community-based training on knowing their rights, challenging the growing threat from Islamophobia with our advocacy and coalition building. 

CAIR-Minnesota's Services: 

  • Religious Discrimination Support & Legal Advocacy and Free Legal Clinics
  • Community Empowerment Trainings including Know Your Rights, Challenging Islamophobia, Housing rights, Education Justice
  • Diversity Trainings including "Working Effectively With Your Muslim Colleagues and Clients,"  "Understanding Somali Culture," and "Challenging Islamophobia"
  • Building Youth Power Initiative including Workshops, Mock Legislature, Youth Leadership Conference, Internships and Law Clerkships, and Youth Civic Leader Scholarship
  • Non-Muslim Allies Community Advocates Training

Thank you so much for being engaged in this present moment of immense change in our world, community, and lives. Thank you for being a partner in the work that CAIR-MN does. Thank you for working with us as we strive to make the world a better place for all.

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