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Our nonprofit organization has been committed to providing high-quality local programming to the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis for nearly 40 years. That programming content has included local news, high school sports, coverage of city meetings and events, and programs produced by your friends and neighbors.

Why we're asking for your support

Our funding has always been based on the numbers of cable subscribers, and that number has been steadily declining over the years, more drastically in recent, as cable subscribers switch over to streaming services. Without donations from our community, CCX Media's unique, hyperlocal content will not continue at the level you’ve come to enjoy.

Truly local stories on TV, web, and social media

CCX NEWS covers what’s happening in our area every day. We remain hyper-focused on the stories that impact our community, schools and businesses, featuring unique stories and profiles that highlight facets of life in the northwest suburbs.

It's high-quality news coverage that's truly local.


CCX SPORTS goes in-depth on high school sports with high-quality live coverage as well as profiles of local players and coaches and Plays of the Week. So far this year, our production team has televised 98 games and recorded highlights at almost 300 games, matches, and meets for our TV sportscasts and web stories. In 2022, we’ve been able to feature:

Each season, CCX Sports directs the spotlight to our local student-athletes as we watch them progress and excel — and we’re honored to do so. It’s truly local coverage you can’t get anywhere else!


CCX CITIES works with our nine city area to record city meetings, forums, parades and concerts, and to produce city service videos. Have you wondered what to do with yard waste? We’ve got a video that has the answer!

CCX Cities provides valuable information that is truly local. 


CCX CREATE provides free video training, equipment use, and channel time for community members to produce their own videos. Every person has a story to tell and we are here with the resources needed to give voice and viewership to that story. We believe people should have the ability to tell their own stories and, in the process, educate themselves and engage others. We provide a platform for our diverse community to share their stories.

  • Polka Spotlight provides senior citizens and polka music fans a place to dance and create long lasting friendships.
  • Celebrate Life International Ministries brings scripture reading to those in her community and around the world.
  • Disability Landscape advocates for and inspires individuals with disabilities to be active and involved in our community, educating and inspiring us all in the process.
  • Garage Show brings the car show to your living room with special guests and celebrities who are involved in the car scene.
  • Merry's Eclectic Interests is a show for everybody that loves stories from local artists, cooking at home, and traveling with a bit of history. 

Our communities are better when stories are truly local.

Show your support

Your support allows us to keep connecting you to the community where you live, with local news, sports, city information and events, and programs produced by area residents. We’ve had that commitment since 1982. Show your support by making a donation to keep local content coming your way.

Thank you for your support!


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