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Collaborates to empower families to build social and economic wealth to break cycles of poverty through education & one on one counseling.


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We are a non-profit community development financial institution established on the mission of reclaiming and repairing communities through our financial literacy products and services, our family stabilization plan and our partnerships and collaborations with the Minnesota Land Trust, Urban Home Works and The University of Minnesota to name a few. We work together ultimately to improve the communities we take on by facilitating the community's ability to produce wealth building assets and assisting the families in the communities to maintain these assets through good financial habits, good relationships and community involvement.


We are finding many underserved families in low to moderate income neighborhoods struggling with the effects of the foreclosure crisis and economic conditions rarely seen. Personal finances are in disarray, sustaining housing is challenging and jobs are being lost at an alarming rate. Lack of savings and the inability to manage finances properly during these hard times continues to deteriorate the unity of the family circle that affects our communities. Many families lack the knowledge to get out of the rut without going further into debt or engaging in unfavorable lending terms or simply finding themselves going without in some cases with just basic needs. The lack of social and economic wealth has a direct correlation to generational poverty which is often the plight of urban core neighborhoods. Through its programming and the “Family Stabilization Plan” Build Wealth, MN has been providing an effective holistic long term approach (6 months to 2 years) with relationship building and one on one counseling coupled with culturally sensitive training and education methods to help change the mindsets and break generational strongholds on families. We have seen and serviced countless families helping them to find hope while staying engaged in our programs. Families are telling us that: "The Family Stabilization Program of Build Wealth MN has been a huge blessing to my family. It has given us the foundational start to make important financial changes in our lives." T. K. "This program is like a marriage counselor who reconnected me with my estranged financial spouse over weeks of counseling." Tamara "Since me and my family started this program our whole life has changed. We were going further and further in the whole with no way out. Your guys have save me and my kid’s life" Maria T. “You help me save my home from foreclosure and get my finances back on track. You and the coaches have absolutely made a believer out of me. You are my hero. “ B. Daniels “I never thought I would ever own a home. You helped me purchase a foreclosed property in North Minneapolis in a good area for a price that is unbelievable. My mortgage is under $500 per month for my family of three; Wow!” M. Cooper


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