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College is our goal for every student.

With colorful college flags and staff members proudly proclaiming where they attended college, Bruce Vento Elementary makes a strong statement that college is our goal for every student. School-wide, each class “adopts” a college or university and learns about its campus. In return, colleges and universities around the country have adopted our classrooms. For example, the University of Minnesota’s College of Design has partnered with Vento fifth graders on projects like 3D computer-aided interior design and creating the toys of the future. Students in grades 3-5 visit a local college or university each year.

Embedded throughout the year are supports, enrichment's and celebrations that honor individual and school achievements. Bruce Vento Elementary has a Family Resource Center where we partner with local non-profits to support our families.

Our mission is to educate every student without exception and without excuse, to standard of above in reading, writing, math and science in preparation for college.  

Your donation will help provide Vento Elementary students with supplies, tools, and learning opportunities beyond the outstanding education already received.  Funds may also be used  through the Vento Family Center to provide families with supplemental food support through our monthly food distribution or the centers food pantry.  Thank you for considering a gift to our school.

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