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We are a community school for pregnant and parenting students and their children.

At Longfellow High School, we provide a personalized learning environment for students to complete their high school education and build a strong future through an emphasis on attendance, academic achievement, and positive relationships. By encouraging critical thought, providing prenatal and parenting education, and partnering with community services we support diploma-driven parents and kindergarten ready children as they establish the groundwork for lifelong learning.

We are hoping to raise $2000.00 to use for two projects. The first is for a spring field trip to the Children's Museum of St. Paul for our mothers and their children. The cost of bussing, food and admission is not included in our school budget. Many of our students do not have transportation, money or the time (when they are working weekends) to give their children this experience. We would like to have this experience as a school field trip.

Our second project is to have an emergency fund for our students. Many of our students have more month than money and will often need things like formula, diapers and wipes for their children. We also would like to be able to help our students get things like small strollers, emergency needs if they find themselves homeless and weather appropriate clothing for their children as needed.

Any amount of a donation will help us to do these projects. We thank you for your support!

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