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The Brave Like Gabe Foundation's mission is to raise money for rare cancer research while spreading hope and bravery through physical activity. 

University of Minnesota alumni and professional runner, Gabriele Grunewald passed away in June 2019, and as a cancer advocate, she founded Brave Like Gabe Foundation in 2018 to inspire people to share stories of being brave through their own struggles while also helping to find better and more effective treatments for rare cancers. 

Our 2023 year end fundraising campaign centers on hope. As she continued to train with a rare cancer diagnosis, Gabe Grunewald famously coined the phrase, “Running on Hope.” Hope sustained her. It empowered her. It inspired her to create the Brave Like Gabe Foundation. To date, we’ve been able to grant $1.8 Million to fund rare cancer research with the goal of finding more treatments and cures.

The Brave Like Gabe Foundation is always #RunningOnHope…

Hope that we can find better treatments for rare cancers.

Hope through each donation that supports rare cancer research.

Hope that spreads each time someone laces up their shoes and persists anyways.

The research you help fund is tangible hope for those with a rare cancer diagnosis.

For each donation of at least $140.50 (Gabe's favorite number, and ours too!) you will receive a limited edition Brave Like Gabe x UNRL knit hat. This hat is 100% polyester and made with a detachable pom and HexHeat liner. Can be unfolded and worn as a slouchie beanie. Wear it how you want it! 

*Please make sure you include your shipping address when donating to receive exclusive gift*

“I find the courage to keep running and racing through hope. Hope for a future treatment that might work for me and for others in similar situations. That hope comes from research. You could say I run on hope.” - Gabe Grunewald

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