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Meeting today’s Challenges to Process, Save, and Sell more Food Across Africa: Give to the Max 2022! 

The times we live in call for bold solutions and effective interventions. Despite decades of improvement, food security has drastically decreased in recent years. Progress made to decrease hunger and poverty has been eroded. Now is the time to build resilient local food systems and invest in our collective future.  

Investing in Bountifield means investing in impact.   

For every $1 invested in Bountifield programs, there is a projected $6.42 social return on investment (SROI) generated. This means more smallholder families, rural entrepreneurs, and their communities experience improved wellbeing, greater economic opportunity, higher incomes, and increased nutrition!  Our impact areas include:  

1. Increased Efficiency and Speed of Postharvest Processing   

Manually processing crops is an extremely laborious and time-consuming task in sub-Saharan Africa. Bountifield’s programs save farmers’ time and increase their incomes by providing services to process crops more efficiently.

2. Increased Wellbeing      

With greater incomes, farmers and entrepreneurs can buy more of the vital resources required to make their lives better such as food, education, personal hygiene products, and if they are lucky, leisure amenities. 

3. Avoided Postharvest Loss    

Bountifield mechanization works towards avoiding the 30% of crop yields that are lost between harvest and consumption in many developing countries. By doing so, more food is available at local markets which decreases loss and increases foods security.  

4. Increased capacity, reach, and earnings of entrepreneurs/MSMEs  

With Bountifield, more businesses are sustainably created, and more entrepreneurial opportunities are made available. In the long run, increased capacity, reach, and earnings of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) means more jobs, increased profits, reduced gender gap, and more quantity and quality of food available. 

5. Increased food security and safety   

Accessible postharvest technologies decrease loss, improve output, and increase local food supply while supporting entrepreneurial development in rural communities for cultivating a thriving agricultural industry and resilient food systems.  

6. Additional years of schooling for children 

Malnutrition and stunting in children is largely responsible for lowering the educational attainment rate across Africa. Bountifield programs have the ability to increase incomes which can lead to greater access to nutritious food and education. 

All of this helps to strengthen food security in rural communities, fill markets with a nutritious local food supply and create more equitable and resilient food systems, for all.

Every gift, no matter what size, makes a difference!Learn more about our SROI 


"With the dryer in place, we have improved the quality of the cassava delivered to our buyers. Our bargaining power has been enhanced because of our ability to service orders with high quality dried cassava."

Josephine, Member of Asinge Aggregation Center - Kenya

"Thank you Bountifield for giving me this opportunity. As a women entrepreneur it can be difficult, but I am glad to be encouraging other women to enter the agribusiness field with the same the support I have received.”   

Jane, Entrepreneur - Kenya

"I am always striving to bring on board as many women as I can. When I am going to thresh for a certain farmer, I get women and youth. The youth will assist in operating the machine while women help in cleaning. By the end of the day, they are paid for their services. This is how we are uplifting ourselves within the villages and farmers are happy." 

Regina, Entrepreneur - Kenya

Help us reach more entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers like Josephine, Jane and Regina and join our movement to fight hunger with opportunity.

Donated funds cover our work that supports tools, training, follow-up, and oversight for all of our programs in Africa. 

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