Boundless Love Project

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Our Vision: A Global Beloved Community Where All Life Thrives! 

Whether Black, white, Brown, Native or newcomer, we envision creating a global Beloved Community where all life thrives. We envision a world free of hatred, greed, and falsehoods, where everyone recognizes that all people, animals, and life forms, like us, want to be safe and protected, peaceful and happy. We envision a world where all life forms are afforded dignity, respect, value, and belonging because they exist, and because the higher power of our understanding loves them. 

We envision a world where disagreements are handled in a space of mutual respect and care for one another. We envision a world where our differences are celebrated and not used to divide us. We envision a world free of the violence of fist, tongue, and mind. 

What does your vision of the Beloved Community look like? Is the air, water, and land clean, healthy, and life-giving? Is the climate healing because we have elegantly and quickly abandoned fossil fuel use? Is there universal basic income that ends homelessness and hunger, and allows people the freedom to work or volunteer in ways that build relationships, serves their communities, and bring meaning and purpose to everyone's life? Does anyone feel forced to take ethically questionable job because they need to provide for their family? Do we all eat healthy, organic, locally-grown, permaculture plant foods?

Have the trillions of dollars in US military funding been moved to support these programs, and other around the world, that help to bring peace, democracy, and stability to areas where war and suffering is rife? Have we created an unarmed civilian peace-keeping force that uses relationships, compassion, empathy, love, and sacrifice to de-escalate situations and maintain the peace at home as well as abroad? 

What does your Beloved Community look like where all life forms throughout the world get their needs met? How do we live together and share of the abundance so that all life may thrive? We don't pretend to have all of the answers, but we ask people to lean into this vision with us, that our path to this promised land may be hastened. 

What We Do

To create Beloved Community, the Boundless Love Project focuses our activities on three things:

  • We teach and practice meditation and mindfulness to help rid our own minds of the greed, fear, hatred, and falsehoods that drive us to act unskillfully in ways that harm ourselves and others. This self-purification allows us to live with more love, peace, compassion, joy, and wisdom. 
  • We teach and practice effective movement strategy to help activists' work be more effective, sustainable, inspiring, and healing to our wider community. 
  • We joyfully serve our community through education, advocacy, and direct support to create social justice and Beloved Community.

Thank you for learning about our organization and for any and all support you are able to give. Please visit our website to learn and take advantage of our many resources. Wishing you and all you love boundless love, peace, compassion, and joy! 

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