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Border Crossers for Christ has been in operation since 2003.  We began because we saw a need for people, teens at the time, to experience ministry in a way that maybe they hadn’t before.  We wanted them to be very involved in ministry, really hands on, from mixing sand, rock and concrete to standing up and giving a testimony to performing dances and skits.  Since we have been in operation, we have been able to take youth and adults to minister in prisons where no other American group has been allowed.  We have gone to juvenile detention centers to bring hope where there isn’t any.  We have been able to go to colonies to bring food, water and clothing.  We’ve served in a hospital in Honduras, working closely with people there as well as bringing much needed medical supplies. 

Locally we have delivered to shelters many donations we have received from individuals and other ministries like Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse.  We’ve done all this and more, but only because we have been led by God and trust that His Son Jesus Christ will be glorified in ALL we do.

We have had the pleasure recently of serving in an area of Honduras named Monte Alegre. There we have been able to serve people, helping meet some of the physical needs they have. We have helped construct septic tanks, run water lines, build walls, provided a wheelchair, bring medical supplies, supply beds and bedding and so much more!

In this same area, we have partnered with a church, Principe De Paz. We have helped the church to realize their own potential to help the community even in the tough spot they are in. We have actually replaced the roof on this church, put in a tile floor and constructed a bathroom. We have also helped them reach out to their community by coming along side and giving them the tools needed to hold a festival, drawing the community in so they can see the church is there for them. We have great hope for this area and look forward to serving with them for years to come.

In 2020, Jill Westbrook was in Honduras ensuring a man there received a life saving operation to install a pacemaker. While there, 2 hurricanes hit, back to back, and Jill was stranded there for 5 weeks! This gave her an opportunity to see the devastation first hand! She knew we needed to act. So many people lost their homes and makeshift houses as well as all their belongings. We started doing what we could and that meant start building.

The first home we built was for a single mom and her 3 kids. She was so overjoyed about having a roof over their heads and one that would withstand the rains. Since then, we have built or repaired 6 houses and a base of operations that will house building materials for many more houses to come! In this same community, we have also held an event that we call, "The Best Gift". We were able to bring in Santa Clause for the kids (which they had never had in this area), give away needed supplies and gifts plus feed around 300 people! They also got to hear a message from a local pastor telling them that all the gifts and prizes are all good things, but that the Best Gift comes directly from God, His Son Jesus Christ.

We can't wait to go back again this year for another event that will minister to the people of the area. We would love to have YOU as a partner to help us with not only the preceding activities, but also with sponsoring children and feeding families. It's a GREAT was to use your funds!


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