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This Give To The Max Day, support Minnesotans working to improve literacy in Africa by donating to Books For Africa! This year, your donation will support three libraries in the Memel-Zamani community in South Africa This container shipment is organized by the Minneapolis AAUW (American Association of University Women), who are also collecting thousands of children's books for this shipment. 

Memel Primary School was the first library and now houses over 5,000 books, with the other two libraries each having about 800 books. The students eagerly wait in line on library day to check out a new book. They are constantly changing the books between libraries to offer more variety. They have a new library space in which we can expand access to books for the whole Memel and Zamani communities. The books will be used by all of community members and support programs encompassing co-housing/ building skills, organic gardening, life skills, education, and health.

Please consider sponsoring books to provide encouragement and inspiration to a child who will delight in discovering the world!

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