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Bobby Brown's Beyond the Court Violence Prevention Initiatives is a organization committed to eliminating youth violence

On July 15, 1997 co-founder Bobby Brown, his two older sisters and 10 month old niece became victims of a drive-by shooting in South Minneapolis. This devastating incident left Bobby Brown, then 15 years old, with a spinal cord injury from one single 9mm bullet. His eldest sister was shot twice with a .22 handgun in her legs and his 10 month old niece and other sister were deeply traumatized by the senseless violence that struck the family. 

The shooting not only changed the Brown family's life but affected their community. Bobby an athlete who loved football and basketball and also enjoyed playing the piano and drums was now confined to a wheelchair. His life forever changed. 

This senseless act of violence and Bobby's love of sports inspired the Brown family to start a nonprofit to raise awareness about the effects of violence as well to share their story of hope with other youth. 

Since their first basketball clinic at Central Gym, July 15 1998, Bobby Brown's Beyond the Court Violence Prevention Initiatives has reached thousands of youth and continues to share their message through innovative youth programming. Now Beyond the Court is excited to announce Books & Basketball Mentoring Matters Program that is launching at the beginning of 2016. Books & Basketball is a mentoring program that partners "at risk" boys ages 11-14 years old up with successful African American males who work in fortune 500 companies, who are lawyers, who are business owners, who are medical doctors, and who are Minneapolis police officers. Meaningful Mentoring Matters!

The organization's goal is to continue their work of inspiring youth in the Twin Cities and beyond. Your support is greatly needed, and is greatly appreciated! 

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