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We believe blind people can do things that most sighted people cannot imagine. Terri, a long distance runner, demonstrates this every day! But while her accomplishments are dramatic, what we do every day is even more so. 

We take individuals who have lost their eyesight as children or in later life and give them back their freedom. It's a nine month process that involves training in the skills of blindness, restoration of self-confidence, and preparation for modern careers. 

What skills? Everything from independent cane mobility to Braille, to computer speech and Braille access techniques, to tactile methods for cooking and working with power tools, to college and career planning and job seeking skills. A lot of learning is crammed into those nine months. 

More to the point, through a process known as "structured discovery learning," our students learn how to find their own solutions to problems. 

But that's just the skills part. Integral to our approach is peer counseling by blind staff and specially trained sighted staff who have learned the same skills of blindness. Our instructors have gone out into the world, succeeded as blind persons, and brought their experiences back to share with our students. Our more experienced students polish their skills and attitudes by working with the newer ones. 

Every student is also given the opportunity to develop self- and group advocacy skills through participation in the National Federation of the Blind and other organizations of their choice. Because public education about blindness is an integral part of our mission. Throughout the year, we find opportunities to get out in public and show the world what blind people can do.

At BLIND Inc. we encourage and challenge each student, because in order to be competitive, a person has to learn how to compete. Our students play Goalball, work out in our gym, learn self-defense tactics, go whitewater rafting and dogsledding, and take the lead in other activities that build their bodies and minds. They come to appreciate their potential as they build the skills and confidence to live the life they want. Because when you believe in yourself, it's easier for others to believe in you too. 

Want to know more about BLIND Incorporated? 

We are a nationally known adjustment to blindness training center located in Minneapolis with a 35-year record of success helping over 2,500 blind people gain the skills and confidence to permanently transform their lives. Our story began as a response to our frustration with existing programs for the blind that prepared them for dependent rather than independent lives. We were founded by blind people and are run by blind people, in the best grassroots tradition.

Our mission is to empower blind people of all ages and all degrees of blindness through our comprehensive adjustment to blindness training. Serving 80 to 100 blind children, adults, immigrants (ELL program), and seniors in a typical year, we take an empowerment approach to all that we do. Look us up at Call us at 612-872-0100. Email us at

85 percent of our adult training program participants gain competitive employment or go on to higher education and employment, matching outcomes for the best employment programs nationally.  But we cannot do it without you. Your support matters! 

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