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135 miles! $135,000!  She runs. You give! No training for you, just support Terri. 

Terri Rupp is a board member of BLIND Inc. Her leadership roles are many and we are honored she has chosen to dedicate her race to us. She is an advocate and leader in the blindness community. She serves on multiple boards, is a mom of two, and she runs a lot! 

She must complete three 100-mile races to apply to run the Badwater 135. Yes, you heard that right, she is actually going to be running 435 miles in races over the next year. And that does not include all those training runs.  

Certainly, Terri loves to run but she has a bigger goal. When completed, she will be the first blind woman to finish the notorious Badwater 135 miler. 

We believe blind people can do anything. Terri demonstrates this every day! At BLIND Inc. we encourage and challenge each student—and they come to understand their potential as they build the skills and confidence to live the life they want. Because when you believe in yourself and experience a thriving community of positive blind people, nothing can hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

When you sponsor Terri you are sponsoring future students to run toward their dreams! Just like Terri. 

Thank you, Terri, for choosing BLIND incorporated as the recipient of your ambitious campaign. And thank you all for supporting blind students’ dreams.

Learn more about Terri and her why! She was featured in Good Housekeeping right before she completed her first marathon in 2018. 

Want to know more about BLIND Incorporated? 

We are a nationally known adjustment to blindness training center located in Minneapolis with a 34-year record of success helping over 2,000 blind people gain the skills and confidence to permanently transform their lives. Our story began as a response to our frustration with existing programs for the blind that prepared them for dependent rather than independent lives. 

Our mission is to empower blind people of all ages and all degrees of blindness through our comprehensive adjustment to blindness training. Serving 80 to 100 blind children, adults, immigrants, and seniors in a typical year, we take an empowerment approach to all that we do. 

 Our students gain the confidence and core skills essential to success through programs grounded in peer support, mentoring by successful blind role models, and challenging hands-on learning activities. Skills of blindness include cooking, cleaning, budgeting, home repair, health, fitness, use of a white cane to navigate public transit and intersections, reading and writing using Braille, college and/or job readiness, and a wide variety of technology types. 

85 percent of our adult training program participants gain competitive employment or go on to higher education and employment, matching outcomes for the best employment programs nationally.  Your support matters! 

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