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$0 Goal tell stories to educate, inspire and motivate! We tell stories every WHERE! We affect life and effect literacy and comprehension.

And we have sponsored a three-day storytelling festival: "Signifyin' And Testifyin'" for the past 27 years!  Exposing metropolitan families to different storytelling styles through Master storytellers who are local, national and international in experience and exposure!  This festival is free and family friendly!With a day dedicated to the students of the metro area! We tell motivational stories to folks who are recovering or are incarcerated; we tell motivational stories to children and families who are in the high-risk categories.  Nothando teaches storytelling to seniors and in so doing has helped many to leave memories for their families - leave a legacy.Nothando had the occasion to help a widow talk about/ remember her recently departed love of her life.  Nothando was thanked by that family because in her last days the widow spoke of how happy it made her feel to share the memories.  We help young people to tell their stories, invent stories and portray stories that are meaningful for them; such as a group who wanted to help rework some folktales and make them non-violent (Folktales the Remix).  Or a group who wanted to learn about conservation of water or another group who formed to do stories around recycling and informing c community through the Karma Community Communal Garden. A group also  formed to share at the National Association of Black Storytellers Festival and Convention which Black Storytellers Alliance hosted as an affiliate of  Recently Nothando was told that seniors in the Hi-rise buildings feel that no one will know that they were ever here:  their friends are gone and most of the family has passed on; they are lonely and stare longingly out of their windows.  So Black Storytellers has endeavored to help them to share their stories. Individuals heal from trauma with the telling of their story; Black Storytellers Alliance recently gave folks who had experienced trauma the tools to share their stories.  Your donations will help in this endeavor as well as the teaching of children to increase literacy and comprehension and build imaginations!

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