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From Frail to Flourishing: Creating a Kitten Crisis Care Fund

Rescued doesn’t always mean saved. 

When kittens find their way to The Bitty Kitty Brigade, they are getting a second chance. However, as much as love, warmth, and regular feeding make a significant difference, advanced medical care is a critical cornerstone of their survival.

Sadly, many of these kittens come to us with a range of medical complications, from infections to congenital disabilities, which can't be treated with just basic care. They need specialized surgeries, medications, and prolonged medical observation to help them thrive.  

These advanced treatments, while vital, come at a significant cost. 

  • $180 - the cost of an appointment with our regular vet
  • $500 - average total cost of an office visit
  • $640 - average cost of one day hospitalized
  • $1200 - average cost of one day of care at the emergency vet
  • $5000 - average cost of surgery



But YOU can help get kittens from fragile to flourishing. 

Every dollar donated to our Kitten Crisis Care Fund means a kitten who can breathe, one who can eat without risk of aspiration, an eye that won’t rupture, joints that won’t hurt or a disease that won’t kill.  

When Banksy developed severe pneumonia, he had to be hospitalized to help him breathe. And when the vet’s oxygen machine broke down, he had to be transferred to emergency care. It took Banksy 9 days of hospitalization to be stabilized, but donations like yours meant Banksy could get the care he needed to thrive and he’s now healthy and happy in his home. 

Our goal this Fall is to raise $60,000, which will enable us to provide advanced medical care for three months. With your generous donation, we can give these fragile lives the fighting chance they deserve. Every penny goes directly into their care, ensuring they grow healthy and strong and find their forever homes. 


Can you donate to help kittens like Banksy get the care they need?





The Bitty Kitty Brigade is a foster-based rescue for orphaned neonatal kittens in the Twin Cities, MN and surrounding areas. 

The Bitty Kitty Brigade provides care for kittens ages 0-6 weeks who are without mothers and not yet eating on their own as well as for families where the mother cat is present but unable to feed on her own. We utilize foster caregivers for all stages of care, from bottle-feeding to weaning and beyond. 

Our trap-neuter-return team, The Birth Control Brigade, seeks to end the cycle of unwanted cats and kittens by humanely trapping and sterilizing community cats and returning them to their communities. 

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