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Bethlehem College and Seminary provides God-centered, biblical education that will serve its students for life.

Under the authority of God’s inerrant Word, we exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ by equipping men and women to treasure Christ above all things, to grow in wisdom and knowledge over a lifetime, and to glorify God in every sphere of life.

Will you join us in our mission? We would appreciate your prayer and financial support. Thank you!

About Bethlehem College and Seminary:

The centrality of God in all things is the defining reality for us at Bethlehem College and Seminary and shapes the ethos of our life together. Our vision of God and ministry and life is rooted in Scripture, and the preservation of the vision depends on our allegiance to the Bible and its preeminence in all our thinking. One of our strengths as a school is our strong, powerful guiding vision, which continually determines our institutional practices.

The great quest of Bethlehem College and Seminary is to ignite the minds and hearts of our students to see and savor the glory of Christ in all things, and spread that experience to the world. As such, we have established a series of core values that assist us in determining how to best accomplish our vision. These include:

  • Church-based learning
  • Historic Christian orthodoxy
  • Prayerful dependence on God
  • Our joy in Christ’s glory
  • Academic rigor
  • Strategic simplicity
  • Life-on-life discipleship
  • Community and experiential learning
  • Love for the broken
  • Courageous, humble authenticity
  • Global and Multi-Ethnic Expansion of God’s Kingdom
  • Affordability
  • Written word


Our Programs

The College: The college offers a two-year Associate of Arts degree through its Christian Worldview Program, and a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree through its Biblical and Theological Studies and History of Ideas programs. The College also offers a Bachelor of Theology degree through its Degree Completion Program for students who are returning to college after years in the work force.

The Seminary: Bethlehem College and Seminary offers a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree -- a four-year program for those called to vocational ministry as pastors, missionaries, or other full-time Christian workers at the elder level. These students serve a specific number of mentored ministry hours weekly. Program offerings for the M.Div. include a worship pastor concentration. The seminary also offers a Master of Theology (Th.M.) program for those who desire to engage in deeper research on a specific topic in theology. Both the M.Div. and Th.M. programs are 4-year programs, with an optional 5th year offered for Th.M. students.


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