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For this 2020 "MN Give to the Max Day," Bethany International is raising money for three men: Enoch, Cripilete, and Pierra Da (pictured here next to Bethany International Staff Member Carol Freeman). God willing, each man will take "The Jesus Film" to hundreds of villages in Southwest Burkina Faso, West Africa. However, there is no public transport available from the towns to the hundreds of villages, only big trucks travel for hire between towns, so they need motorbikes to get the film out to the villages. They have one motorbike but need two more at a cost of $944 each plus extra expense money for their work. Each man will be carrying a backpack containing all of the equipment needed for showing "The Jesus Film" in remote areas.

Help us reach a goal of $3000 for this cause!

Bethany International exists to take the church to where it is not and help others do the same. 

In the event this project becomes fully funded or, for some reason, the funds are no longer required: Bethany International reserves the right to apply contributions wherever necessary in accordance with the organizational mission.

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