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Imagine prepping up to 25 dog food bowls and up to 75 cat food boats every day! Add to that prepping medical treatments for many of the animals - syringes, bottles, pills, cheese, etc. three times a day.  And don't forget mixing Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) to make bottles for the bottle-fed kittens every couple of hours. You might picture a large kitchen with lots of counter and cupboard space. Well, think again.  

According to the Kitchen and Bath Shop website, there are 8 signs that indicated a kitchen renovation is in need.  Now that BENCHS is about 11 years old, we decided to see how our pet kitchen fared under that scrutiny. 

  1. TROUBLESOME STORAGE:  Extra peanut butter, nursing kits, KMR, and kongs live on top of the cupboards.  ✔ 
  2. CRAMPED SPACES: Staff find themselves criss-crossing to get what they need in the tight quarters.    
  3. SIGNIFICANT WEAR AND TEAR: Doors bounce back open and the finish is worn off.      
  4. COUNTERTOP CLUTTER: Dog food, medications, syringes, treats, paper boats, and ziplock bags call the countertop their home.    
  5. BAD LIGHTING: One light in the middle of the room.    
  6. OLD APPLIANCES:  The refrigerator is too big. At most, it stores a few cans of dog and cat food, cheese, hotdogs, kitten milk replacement and maybe some medicine.      
  7. IT'S HIGH MAINTENANCE: Wood is impossible to sanitize.  Brown counter hides the mess and is hard to clean. And kibble on the floor gets into the nooks and crannies.      
  8. OUTDATED DECOR: The pet kitchen doesn't have any real decor, but as you pass by the door, it is easy to see its age with 1970's countertop and cupboards. The other side is a mix-match of donated carts and plastic cupboards that serve as countertop.    

It looks like the pet kitchen at BENCHS is in need of some help. Our pet kitchen is well loved and well used, but it is time to upgrade!  It's time for MAKE-SHIFT MAKEOVER ~ PET KITCHEN EDITION 2021! Time to replace worn wooden cupboards with stainless steel pieces that can be sanitized better and to accommodate the need for more storage, a smaller refrigerator and organization to create a better flow during kitchen use. 

Will you help BENCHS achieve this goal? 

All donations raised in this year's GiveMN Spring Forward event will be used toward the MAKE-SHIFT MAKEOVER ~ PET KITCHEN EDITION 2021!

BENCHS is dedicated to finding loving forever homes for lost, abandoned and neglected animals.

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Significantly impacted by pandemic


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