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Our community looks to Belwin's natural spaces for moments of peace and perspective. That's why, in these last few weeks, we've invested in infrastructure to accommodate a growing number of visitors to our prairie and woodland trails. Please come out for a hike and, if you can, consider making a donation. Your support helps us share the healing power of nature in this extraordinary time.

Note:  If you do not itemize your taxes, the CARES Act allows you to deduct $300 in charitable gifts from your gross income in 2020. 

Inspiring Through Nature

Belwin Conservancy protects and stewards over 1,400 acres of land in the St. Croix Valley for wildlife and people to use and enjoy. Each summer, we host a herd of bison on our restored prairies, and our Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields host over 150,000 visits per year from regional athletes and their guests. Much of our land is open to public hiking and exploration, which is important, because our mission is to inspire people's connection to the natural world.  Our restoration work has resulted in the return of several native habitats and species in need of conservation, including tallgrass prairie, oak savanna, and the rusty patched bumblebee. Through our 49-year partnership with St. Paul Public schools, 10,000 3rd and 5th graders visit Belwin for outdoor science education every year.

Protecting our wild places is more important today than it has ever been, for the health of our wildlife, and for the well-being of our communities. Right now, we have a unique opportunity to share them with a growing number of our friends and neighbors seeking moments of peace and perspective. You can be part of a community that cares for our natural world and helps to protect it for today AND generations to come. 

Donate today,  come out for a hike, or visit our website for more info.

Thank you!

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