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Becker County Food Pantry - Feeding those in Need

Since 1983, the mission of the Becker County Food Pantry has been: To serve Becker County residents in need with programs that provide food, promote the value of nutrition and connects to community resources to ensure a meaningful impact to our community’s wellbeing.

 In 2019, more than 476,400 pounds of food were distributed to 4,952 families, accounting for 18,184 cumulative individuals, many of them children and seniors. Demand has grown significantly in the last ten years, and the pandemic has added to our struggles. Your donation today maximizes impact for those most in need. Due to partnerships with North Country Food Bank, Central Market, Wal-Mart, and the USDA, we are able to make the most of every dollar. Ground Beef, canned foods, and vegetables costs us just 14 cents a pound. Donating to the Food Pantry through is an easy and satisfying way to make a difference for those most in need. On behalf of the Becker County Food Pantry, the families we serve, and those we have yet to reach, Thank you!

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