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Becker Big Lake Ice Association is seeking your help in making this communities need for home ice a reality.

                        Now is the time to bring our ice home!
                                        But why now?
  • For the kids who wake up every morning anxious to lace up their skates and get back on the ice.
  • For the parents who will do everything they can to get their kids to every practice and game, no matter the distance.
  • For the kids who dream of playing hockey but because of the distance to the current arena, it's just not feasible for their family.
  • To bring the communities of Becker and Big Lake together and finally have a place to cheer on the local kids as they play one of the greatest sports. 
  • For the pride that the players can feel when they finally have a sheet of ice to call their own.
  • For the countless hours that so many people have put into to try to make this a reality over the years. 

Our mission is to build, manage, and maintain a local indoor ice arena that promotes the development of youth organizations, as well as promotes area economic and social development. 

Our organization is working closely with the cities of Becker and Big Lake as well as other organizations to develop finance and construction plans for a community ice arena. The proposed 30,000 square foot ice arena design includes a single sheet of ice with seating capacity of approximately 500 people and will accommodate future expansion of a second sheet of ice. The multi-purpose facility will support a broad range of youth activities and public events. 

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