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The day after training ended, one of the midwives was speaking with a medical programs coordinator and explained how she has had an Ambu bag (resuscitation mask and bag) in her clinic for years, but could never figure out how to use it correctly.  On the night she got back from our training in Panajachel, Guatemala she had two births in her clinic;  the second of which was born semiasphyxiated (not breathing).  She said, "I got my Ambu bag, gave him some breaths and he came right back to life and started breathing.  If only I had known earlier what I know now!"

Baby's Breath Project focuses on bringing knowledge to help nurses, midwives and other medical personnel improve the care of newborn infants and reduce the infant mortality rate in Guatemala. For the first three years, programs in resuscitation techniques, infection control and assessment of newborns were among the topics taught to over 400 nurses at Roosevelt Hospital and from several other hospitals in Guatemala City and surrounding areas.

Since 2012, the focus turned to more rural areas and training the midwives who are at the births. Approximately 71% of births in Guatemala are attended by midwives in the homes of their patients or in a rural health clinic. A hospital is often not an option for giving birth due to transportation restraints and poverty.  Baby's Breath Project teaches a program called Helping Babies Breathe which gives the midwives the skills to recognize and resuscitate a baby who is not breathing at birth.  We also provide backpacks for the midwives filled with supplies and the medical equipment needed for resuscitation.

Your donations will go directly to support this training as well as the cost of the equipment to give to the midwives.

On behalf of all who benefit from your generosity, THANK YOU!

A baby's breath is a precious gift that is spoken the same in any language

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