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Working to ensure that children and families are able to access intensive early intervention behavior therapy.

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The Autism Recovery Foundation is an organization formed by parents and professionals who want to promote effective early intervention for children diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum disorders.  

Board members include parents of children who have greatly benefited from effective early intervention, and whose children are now recovered to a point that they are able to be mainstreamed with their peers in their schools and their home communities.

We believe that every child who can recover has a right to recover. 

We believe that every child who can substantially improve his or her functioning through effective behavioral treatment has a right to that treatment. 

By supporting Autism Recovery Foundation you help:

Provide scholarships to students to help expand the autism workforce in Minnesota. Educate policy makers, professionals and the general public on the benefits of effective early intervention.  Support families by mobilizing financial and other resources to assist them in providing intensive early intervention behavior therapy for their children. 

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