A nonprofit organization

Mission: Promote health and harmony in the South Asian community living in Minnesota.

Focus Areas

1. Programs for Seniors, Families & Youth: 

  • HUM monthly event for seniors,  
  • Zestful Living Day to promote health and harmony in the South Asian (SA) community, 
  •  Parenting in bi-cultural environment for new SA immigrants,
  • Balancing Academics and Life 101 for Youth to manage stress,
  • Programs to promote leadership within SA Youth (youth led - non-profits, organizing volunteering opportunities for the SA community,  & promote exercise),
  • Mental Health Matters to increase awareness and remove stigma associated with mental health in the SA community. 

2. Research specific to the SA community living in Minnesota:

  •  Community Needs Assessment to understand community needs and challenges and align AshaUSA program offerings,
  • Youth Mental Health Assessment survey to understand mental health in the SA youth.

3. Education: Increase awareness about South Asian Cultural for community-at-large.  

  • Presentations to fitness centers, businesses, schools, & healthcare professionals, 
  • Currently collecting South Asian stories to share our experiences as immigrants with the community at large.

We have dedicated board members and volunteers who make help carry on AshaUSA programs.  

AshaUSA organization is supported by Dr. Dash Foundation &  other generous community members.  

We are  counting on your continued support.    

Thank you.

AshaUSA Board      

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