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We are living through the largest refugee crisis the world has ever seen. 

This year, Arrive Ministries will play a crucial role in restoring hope in the lives of 500 refugee neighbors this upcoming year.

With the recent surge of people forced to flee Ukraine and Afghanistan, we’ve reached a global milestone of 100 million forcibly displaced people due to ongoing wars and conflicts. 
That’s a startling record of people in search of safety.  

Refugees are often the neglected casualties of conflicts long since forgotten. 

Now, they are arriving to our communities, willing to hope for a fresh start.  

We anticipate in the year ahead; Arrive Ministries will help 500 refugees from 19 countries put their lives back together after fleeing conflicts that shattered their lives. 

Many of our new neighbors who lived for decades without stability or hope are:  

  • Syrians who in 2011 fled their conflict-riddled homeland. 
  • Karen who in 2006 fled Burma following persecution for belonging to an ethnic minority group. 
  • Congolese who in 1996 fled their country torn apart by a Civil War. 

Although we are helpless to stop global conflicts and persecution… 

Arrive Ministries will play a crucial role in restoring hope in the lives of 500 refugee neighbors, by providing immediate support through housing, employment, and meeting critical needs as they settle into a place of security and hope.  

In the year ahead, they will breathe a sigh of relief.  Join us in restoring hope in what’s possible for their future, their families, and their dreams.

Any new and increased gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar until Dec. 31. 

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