Annex Teen Clinic

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Give to the Max: $50 for 50 Years Challenge

November 1st - November 18th, 2021

 Can you believe it?! The Annex Teen Clinic is celebrating its 50th anniversary! It is clear we would not be here today without you.

Help us celebrate 50 years and take part in the $50 for 50 Years Challenge! Donate $50 or more this Give to the Max Day and make a tangible difference in 4 Annex programs. See below for details.

“I really appreciate how open and accepting the Annex Teen Clinic was the first time I came here a few years ago. My friend told me how confidential it was for her and she came with me the first day I was in too. Without your contributions and confidentiality, I would probably have gotten pregnant and become a single mother, kicked out of my house. Thank you for all the kindness and help you bring to all of us future generations!”

$50 for 50 Challenge:

  1. The first 25 people who donate $50 or more will:
  2. The first 50 people who donate $50 or more will:
  3. The first 75 people who donate $50 or more will:
  4. The first 100 people who donate $50 or more will: 



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Significantly impacted by pandemic


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