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Minnesota's Largest No-Kill Shelter Since 1977

Why Support Animal Ark?

Supporting us supports our No-Kill Mission & Message.

Your support helps us raise the bar and set a new standard for how we as a nation treat our animals.

It allows us to create a new and better world for them, creating a kinder, gentler, and better world for us and future generations.

Our Mission is Simple:

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome


Our Message is Simple:  

All Animals Deserve a Loving Home

What Does That Mean When Put Into Practice?

  • We take in animals based on need - not quick turnover.
  • We make a lifetime commitment to all our animals.
  • Profit is never a consideration - we have no bottom line.
  • We believe every animal deserves a real chance at life, including those deemed unadoptable.
  • We provide everything to give our animals a chance at life - Time, Medical care, Food, Training & Love.
  • We never give in to Financial pressures - we never consider transferring complex cases to other organizations.
  • We only consider euthanizing when incurable suffering is involved.
  • We never give up. Never!  

In many cases, the animals present to us with medical and behavioral issues have endured unimaginable abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Their issues have been created by owners who couldn't or wouldn't give them a safe, caring & loving home.

We believe that as a community and as a society, we share the responsibility to alleviate their suffering by creating an environment that allows the animal to heal and learn to trust again.

We believe animals are not disposable and not a commodity. Yes, it takes a lot! A lot of passion, commitment, time, and resources. 

Each animal deserves this!

Meet Lua Lua & Kane

Lua Lua and Kane arrived last September from South Carolina. They had been slated for euthanasia because they were "too fearful" to be adoptable. Thanks to Mutt Mutt Engine, they were transported to Animal Ark.  Little is known about their previous life, but we believe they became a bonded pair when fate threw them together. Whatever troubled past they shared, they survived by finding comfort and a sense of safety in each other. They are truly inseparable, very sweet, and extremely shy.

Many volunteers, particularly Yascha and Paul,  have worked with our shy pair for the past year. They have learned to trust people and are currently going on outings and attending adoption events. 

Thanks to your donations, Animal Ark can give Lua Lua & Kane a safe & loving place where they can learn to trust until they meet their new forever family.

Meet Marley & Anika

A faint meow in the backyard heard by the homeowner is what saved Marley's life. He was in a hole in the homeowner's fenced-in backyard with no siblings or momma around. Marley was a very sick newborn. Brought to Animal Ark, this little one was given antibiotics, and the nearly continuous feeding began. After weeks of unique formula and many sleepless nights. His feeding schedule decreased, soft kitten food began, and a healthy kitten emerged. 

Marley is up for adoption with his best friend Anika, who shares a similar story and arrived as a neonate and was nursed into a thriving, healthy kitten alongside Marley.

Thanks to your donations, Animal Ark can take in neonates and give them the proper nutrition and medical care to ensure their survival.

Accomplish Our No-Kill Mission

We have put together a State-Of-The-Art team and programs. All our team members are passionate and devoted to making our No-Kill Mission & Message a reality. All our programs are designed to improve the lives of all animals in need regardless of their place of origin, physical conditions, appearance, or age.

Our Current Programs

To learn more about any of our programs, click on them below.

Fundraising Goal

Our goal is focused on a $40,000 Medical Fund.

Animal Ark's wish for this giving season is to help us get through the animal shelter crisis of 2022.  Stray injured surrenders increased this year, putting a more significant strain on our medical staff, leading to increased need and expense to outsource financial resources for veterinarian care. 

Your donations allow us to continue to provide medical care to our animals in urgent need.

The average annual cost of care for a healthy animal is $600. Here at  Animal Ark, we place no cap on the resources available to animals in desperate need of medical care.

We at Animal Ark are honored to have the opportunity to find Responsible, Loving Forever Homes for every animal we have the privilege of serving.

Please support our No-Kill Mission & Message by Donating Today! We can not do this without You!

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