Animal Rights Coalition, Inc.

ARC works to end the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of non-human animals through information, education, and advocacy.

Most of our lives are pretty comfortable compared to a duck on a foie gras farm, an elephant in a circus, a male baby chick tossed out like garbage, or a homeless cat digging in the trash for food. Your donation to the Animal Rights Coalition ensures we can advocate for these animals in need. Please donate now - even a small amount makes a big difference. And consider signing up to be a monthly donor to provide the ongoing support that lets us focus all our energies on animals in need.

Our Work

We focus on spreading the word about compassionate living and believe that change comes from connection, communication, and education. From helping people transition to a plant-based diet to publicizing the abuse of animals in laboratories to educating the public about the exploitation of animals in entertainment, ARC’s innovative education and outreach programs and strategic campaigns reach thousands of people every year. What makes ARC so unique is that instead of expecting people to make far reaching changes in their lives based on a one-time message, we work to connect with people on a deeper level. We create lots of opportunities to not only learn about animal issues, but also find support and community, removing as many barriers as we can to people making ethical choices for animals.

Our Programs to Help Animals

Please visit our website at to learn more about our programs to help animals.


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