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I am the Founder of Angels Help, a nonprofit organization based in the Twin Cities area. Our program is non-judgmental, non-biased and based on the needs of people. We distribute food, goods and other supplies needed to individuals, smaller nonprofit organizations, housing units and homeless shelters and by approved requests. We understand that needs are not one-size-fits-all, so we customize as needed and as we are allowed to do so. 

I created this organization due to the unfortunate experiences that I have endured, lived through, and witnessed in my life. I understand candidly, how it feels to lack; to not have or have access to simple things such as a roll of toilet paper or food. Angels Help is a place where anyone can contact for help with resource information, a helping hand if applicable and possibly more. 

I am from the "low-income community", but low-income communities still have "larger income" needs. These communities still have needs and housing, hunger and basic necessities are expensive, reoccurring needs that call for reoccurring income or reoccurring assistance. People in the low income communities often rely on nonprofit organizations when times get tough and there is nowhere else to turn. When experiencing homelessness, one would access a shelter organization, and within that organization, one would depend on assistance for even the basic of necessities such as bath soap, food, toiletries and sometimes even undergarments. Our organization continuously provides these seemingly small items to places that assist individuals in need to ensure that there is enough to go around, since this issue is reoccurring. Smaller nonprofit food banks sometimes get low on food and household supplies so they may turn away those in need, lessen the amount one can receive, or reach out to the community for more support. Another issue is food expiring before distribution, taking away items that could ultimately benefit a household. This is why we distribute to multiple places, to help circulate goods to people in need quicker. 

Angels Help also distributes to food shelves items that are not edible, but needed largely by low income communities such as baby diapers, laundry detergent, household goods and more. Most patrons of food banks are single parents, often mothers, and diapers are most requested and appreciated. One of the catalyst for me creating Angels Help was the remembrance of how much of a necessity diapers were when my children were little, and the agony of not having any. Angels Help distributes items like these to many organizations within low income communities to ensure that we reach many. 

Some of the problems that we are hoping to help is hunger, depression, fear and the "lack" of basic needs. I decided to focus on these issues when founding Angels Help because of my own personal experiences and other issues that I have witnessed such as homelessness and depression.
When people, especially parents, are low on food, diapers and/or clothing, with little to no way of supporting themselves, they face an invite to depression. Having a place to go to receive helps alleviates some of the burden and lifts the agony a parent feels from having nothing in the refrigerator or only two diapers, two children and two dollars, if that, to their name. 

This problem has been addressed many times typically in the past thanks to nonprofit organizations. The problem though is "re-occurrence" and the lack of even more nonprofit organizations to assist with smaller needs that are largely needed. Also, with our organization, we are not fixed to a certain city or town to help. This allows us to distribute goods to many people in need, including housing complexes and multiple homeless shelters. This is a great need for communities because we have the opportunity to find out what and where the dire needs are beforehand and distribute them accordingly. An example could be one food shelf needing more diaper donations and another food bank requesting more clothing support. With our help, both organizations are able to distribute these needs to those within that organizations community, within those specific needed requests. The same goes for homeless shelters as well. 

Being in need of what most people take for granted is a hard place to be. I remember the times I needed help with diapers and due to shortages at the few places I was able to receive help, I only received enough to last maybe a day or so and would be right back in the same position, needing more help! I would like to provide these necessities to parents to give them the option to breathe relief for at least a week or more; whether its food, hygiene, laundry products or another need. 

Thank you!

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