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By Moving Together, Andhe Disability Services Moves Folks Toward Better Living.

Sometimes disability strikes at birth.  Sometimes it is later.  Either way, disabilities can disrupt life as usual, and the usual becomes becomes unusually difficult.  Andhe Disability Services was created for those unusually difficult times.  Taken from a Gospel tune, the Andhe name comes from the line in a song which rings, "And He walks with me. And He talks with me. And He tells me I am his own."  We are a Christian faith based agency, and we promise to move together with people as the navigate through times that are complicated by disability. It could be as simple as completing forms, to finding housing, to studying for a drivers license, or applying for social security disability. Or maybe going to court to explain to a jury why autism is the reason a teen ran from police, or why a brain injury doesn't prohibit someone from parenting a child.  We connect people to other resources and we love on them. We offer friendship first, education about their disability next, and lastly the promise to stick with them as they move toward better living.  We are not called case managers. We don't want to "manage" anybody. We call ourselves agents. Pro athletes and movie stars have agents.  We are there to guide, encourage, and engage. We never tell someone how to live, but rather to offer them the option to live. Thus making life better.  Brighter. If there is more light, perhaps they can see Christ easier if they choose to do so.  Without using real names, let us tell you about Steven.  His schizophrenia causes him to hear voices and have bad dreams. He says if we talk often they are not as scary.  For the past two years we've met weekly for coffee. That is simple. Bekka had trouble reading because of a visual processing disorder.  New assistive technology allows her computer to talk to her and she "reads" books! Sonny grew up with cerebral palsy. Until he met us, no one told him CP was the result of a brain injury at birth. He was 59 years old. Joe was lost vision as an adult. We helped him to navigate the hiking trail by his home, so he and his wife could have quiet walks together. Meg came to our Autism Support group in hopes of understanding her grandson. That's where she realized she had autism herself, and that is why she felt socially awkward all her life. She was relieved to have an explanation. Moving together toward better living. That's what we do.  Andhe Disability Services does not charge for our services and we depend only on donations and grants to cover our expenses.  Thank you for helping !   

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