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Support the American Red Cross and our Services to the Armed Forces. With our strong network of volunteer, donors, and partners the American Red Cross is always there for our military members, veterans and their families. We turn compassion into action by giving impactful help in times of need to military and veteran families in distress.

The Need

Our brave service members contend with unique challenges—separation from loved ones, the mental strain of deployment and of course, the risk of physical injury and even death. While we can’t erase these difficulties, we can ensure military heroes never face them alone.

Red Cross employee hugging a military service memberOne in five active-duty service members has a diagnosed mental health disorder.

Veterans are 1.5x more likely to die by suicide than non-Veteran adults (adjusting for age and sex).

As medical advances save more heroes’ lives, more of them need long-term care.

Active-duty service members miss out on everyday life – little things like bonding with their children over dinner or a game – and they miss major events. There’s no second chance to see your baby’s first step.

When service members come home, they often struggle to readjust to family routines, build careers and manage personal finances. The transition can be especially hard for veterans who served in combat.

The Red Cross is there to support our military heroes through all of these and countless other challenges.

Our Impact

Serving the Armed Forces has been a Red Cross cornerstone for about 140 years. While our work is always evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of service members, veterans and their families, our commitment has been constant.

Standing with Our Service Members Every Step of the Way 

We are the only organization chartered by the U.S. Congress to furnish volunteer aid to the sick and wounded in armies during times of war. Building from that critical mandate, we stand with service members, veterans and their families in a way that is beyond compare. In FY2023 we:

Your Gift 

  • Ensures that the Red Cross can continue providing critical care to our military members, families and veterans. 
  • Demonstrates your commitment to and deep appreciation for members of our military.
  • Bolsters our crucial history of support for our armed forces. 

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