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Reimagining the culture of citizenship

Our 2017 season 

American Civic Forum's proud to announce our 2017 season—and a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it! We have a series of performances of historical readings starting in January and a poster show coming in September. Check it out on Kickstarter!

Democratic culture

Democracy requires more than political institutions to thrive — it needs people who know how to be effective practitioners of democracy. American Civic Forum learns how attitudes toward civic participation can be molded by the performing arts — and develops productions with an eye on transmitting democratic skills and values.

Civil literacy

Civil literacy goes beyond knowing how a bill becomes a law — it also includes an appreciation for government, civic institutions, the natural sciences, critical thinking, media literacy and the humanities. We work so Americans not only vote, but cherish the underlying philosophy that puts citizenship at the center of governance.

Social solidarity

In a democracy as multifaceted as the United States, respect for and trust in our compatriots is the cornerstone of functional government. We work toward a national culture that treasures the often-complex realities of Americans’ shared present — and past — and imparts feelings of goodwill and good humor regardless of political differences.

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