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Help families like Marissa’s and Skylar’s. 

“There was just a kindness that oozed out of her.”- Marissa

When their grandmother Chris was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's, sisters Marissa and Skylar saw firsthand the toll it took on their mom and aunt. Perhaps that’s why the 12-year-old and 14-year-old girls are fighting so hard to see an end to Alzheimer’s in their lifetimes, including raising funds for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. In fact, just seven years after Chris received her diagnosis, the girls participated in the event, walking alongside their grandmother. 

It’s been more than three years since Chris passed away from Alzheimer’s, but she lives on in her granddaughters.

“Our grandmother loved to create memories with us,” says Marissa. From camping and cooking to dancing to just about any kind of music, the girls’ recollections of their grandmother are very vivid. 

Skylar describes herself as possessing her grandmother’s spunk. “Like my grandma, I voice my opinion and am strong-willed and sassy. I will probably be a lawyer or a judge.”

Please join us in helping families like Marissa’s and Skylar’s who look to the free care and support programs the Alzheimer’s Association provides to families on their Alzheimer’s journey. From our 24/7 Helpline to our family care consultations and support groups, we’re here for those who need us most.

Donations accepted online or by phone at 952.857.0512.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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