Alliance for Sustainability

Your gift to the Alliance for Sustainability supports our grassroots work linking citizens and cities for sustainable communities!

Your gift to the Alliance for Sustainability will make a difference in helping us accomplish our mission of bringing about sustainability on a personal, organizational and planetary level. Your support will further our efforts to bring together cities, congregations, conscious consumers and businesses to create thriving, equitable, resilient, clean energy communities! Our projects include:

Sustainable Communities – together we are empowering citizen volunteers and staff in 40 metro communities to include energy, resilience, health and equity in their city’s updated 20 year Comprehensive Plans, a once in a decade opportunity! In 2016 more than 400 staff, elected leaders, commission and community volunteers from 60 metro cities learned together at our Planning for Resilient Cities Workshops. In the spring of 2017 we will reconvene staff and volunteers from 40 cities in Resilient Cities Clusters. Leading cities will share their energy and climate action plans with more communities that want to help meet our state's goal to reduce our CO2 emissions by 80%. 

Community Solar - We are bringing congregations, businesses and communities together to organize community solar gardens, which allow all Minnesotans (even if they don’t have access to solar) to save money through locally-produced solar energy that creates local jobs and builds the economy while expanding pollinator habitat!  Sign up to join our solar garden at 

Restoring Our Lakes & Streams – With your support we are connecting trained Master Water Steward volunteers with neighborhoods, congregations and cities to protect our lakes and streams by planting rain gardens, engaging neighbors to adopt their storm drains, educating businesses to reduce winter salt use and launching new volunteer lake associations including the Friends of Lake Hiawatha. Lear more at 

Engaging Congregations in Sustainability – We support volunteers in congregations to strengthen their Caring for Creation teams through lively, informative networking events to share their successful solar, rain garden, community garden, energy efficiency, waste reduction and other projects. With your support we’ll build upon our 2016 successes in such communities as Bloomington, SW Mpls, North Mpls, Edina, Minnetonka, Stillwater, Cottage Grove, Saint Paul, and Downtown Minneapolis.  We’re also supporting the growing denominational support teams within the Lutheran, Catholic, Jewish and other faith communities.

Model Local Sustainable Food Systems – For the past four years we have worked with Community Table Cooperative to support African-American, Latino, Hmong, immigrant and other farmers in their efforts to be successful and increase sales and incomes by forming cooperatives to aggregate and market their local, sustainable produce, as well as providing zero-interest micro loans and technical support. We’re also working with the farmers and Community Table to supply affordable, healthy food to corner stores and farmers markets in food deserts. This project is designed to be a national model for creating a local, sustainable food system. See your new video at

National Sustainability Campaign – With your help we can use the power of social media to frame sustainability as a positive, mainstream idea and empower 50 million people to change lifestyles, institutions and public policies. The Campaign will feature an inspiring, humorous and informative 10 minute viral sustainability video that will reach more than 20 million viewers. It will encourage more than 10 million people to visit an entertaining, interactive website, read a short, action-oriented sustainability book/e-book and listen to a weekly online sustainability radio program/podcast.

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