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*Today, Alight is responding to humanitarian emergencies around the world, including for families who've been impacted by the war in Ukraine, flooding in Pakistan, and impending famine in the Horn of Africa.*

**UKRAINE RESPONSE - Alight's teams have been on the ground since the end of February, supporting displaced Ukrainians inside Ukraine and across Europe. We've supported more than 1 million people with lifesaving relief like food, medicines and medical supplies. We've also provided more than 28,000 safe, secure nights, settling families into temporary housing while they plan their next step. As winter approaches and active warfare escalates, Alight is there to help Ukrainians stay warm and safe and access the basics they need.**

Guiding the displaced.
Alight exists to walk alongside those who – by sheer circumstance – find themselves on the long and arduous journey of displacement. Deeply co-creating with communities and integrating human-centered design into our work for more than a decade, our 3,000 humanitarians understand the experiences of the displaced better than anyone and deliver services worthy of their humanity.

Parted from home, displaced people are eager to get on with life. Alight meets people throughout the stages on that journey, as they create meaningful lives of purpose, joy, health and connection. We listen. We do the doable and the extraordinary to help, as they work to build a life.

In June 2019, American Refugee Committee became Alight. We’re still the same organization, providing lifesaving services like we have for 40 years – clean water, health care, protection, livelihood services. And responding to humanitarian emergencies all over the world. That doesn’t change. But we’re doing even more, too – with trafficked people and the displaced. And we’ve been joined by other organizations doing incredible work themselves: protecting exceptionally vulnerable LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers and making sure kids in the Middle East have the champions they need to succeed and thrive. 

Alight is a human-centered humanitarian organization serving 3.5 million people in more than 20 countries each year. Everything we do begins with the people we serve. Displaced people know better than anyone the challenges they’re facing, the things they need, and what will make the biggest difference in their lives. When we deeply understand their experience, we’re able to co-design solutions that create new value and make meaningful change.

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